The FIFA/CAF joint delegation team have selected the following persons to be on the Normalization Committee that would be charged with overseeing all football activities in the country while ensuring that the necessary reforms needed are introduced and instituted.

1. Dr. Kofi Amoah – President

2. Lucy Quist – Vice President

3. Miss Naa Adofoley Nortey – Member

4. Lawyer Dua Adonteng – Member


1. To run the Ghana Football Association’s [GFA] daily activities and act in place of GFA Executive Committee with same rights and obligations.

2. Review GFA status, ensure compliance requirements with FIFA and ensure necessary reform is being implemented.

3. Having met the compliance requirements of FIFA, the Committee will be eligible to organize and conduct elections for new GFA officials.

In addition, they will act as Electoral Committee whose decisions are final and binding.
The Committee would also submit monthly reports to FIFA/ CAF.

The Committee will conduct a forensic audit of the former GFA account and present a report to CAF and FIFA.

The Committee has been given end of March 2019 to work and ensure that the FA is ready for election of substantive Football Association Executives as well as Institute the necessary reforms.

Source: MOYS