By James K. Attaglo Wilson [Reporting from Australia]

Australian Police have arrested nine Indians who tried to enter the country with fake identity [purporting to be journalists] to cover the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland.

The Commonwealth Games is just five days away, but the Australia Police and the Border Force have deployed new ways to prevent people from entering into the country through illegal means.

According to reports, Rakesh Kumar Sharma [leader of the group] has been charged for attempting to smuggle people into Australia.

Kumar Sharma [46 years] has already appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court and has been charged with one account each for creating false documents.

Meanwhile, Bob Gee [Deputy Commissioner of Queensland Police] has assured that the group posed no threat to the Games.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games, the biggest celebrations the Gold Coast has ever witnessed will come off on April 04 [Opening Ceremony] and April 15 [Closing Ceremony] at the Carrara Stadium.

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