Errol Spence Jr will be fighting Shawn Porter next week. In the months leading up to the match, the two have been making their own predictions about how the bout is going to end.

Errol Spence Jr said he’s looking to knock Porter out, adding that he’s going to be the aggressor this time around. Porter, on the other hand, said he’s also looking to finish The Truth, referencing his “dog” style of boxing that wears his opponents out.

Suffice to say that the back and forth has done its job in generating hype for the fight. But Errol Spence Jr isn’t done dousing gasoline into the pyre. When asked if he remembered Porter when they sparred all those years ago, he said that the WBC welterweight champion didn’t really make a lasting impression on him.

“I can’t really remember the sparring. So, I think if I can’t really remember it I probably got the best of him,” Errol Spence Jr said.

Porter is the opposite. He said that when they did spar in 2011, he remembered thinking that Errol Spence Jr was tough. Between both fighters, Spence is the favorite to win the match having the height and reach advantage. Power, too.

Even WBA light-welterweight champion Regis Prograis said that Errol Spence Jr is the best in their division. When asked what Progragis thinks of Spence fighting Terence Crawford, he said that he’s going to have to give the edge to the former. And speaking of that fight, Bomb Arum is hoping that the two boxers would collide in early 2020.

The Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford narrative

Arum said that Errol Spence Jr fighting Crawford is the only match in the welterweight division that would bring in big numbers, BoxingScene reported. He added that the Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fight could be used as the blueprint that would set the Spence and Crawford bout.

The problem is The Truth himself. Specifically, his desire to fight Manny Pacquiao next. Errol Spence Jr chasing the Filipino slugger makes a lot of sense on a financial standpoint since that bout would undeniably give Errol Spence Jr the biggest check of his career. However, since Pacquiao’s camp has expressed hesitation to fight the young champion, this fight will likely never happen. At 40 years old, the fighting senator isn’t the same boxer he once was, and Spence’s power may be too much for him. The most likely candidate for the legend is Danny Garcia or Mikey Garcia, although that, too, remains unconfirmed for now.

Source: ET