Yes, it was a sold-out Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida and Mexican knockout artist – Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete excellently did what was expected of him, stopping Christopher “Pitufo” Diaz in the 12th round of an action-packed battle.

The Mexican who was making his first defense of his WBO featherweight world title knocked down the Puerto Rican contender – Christopher Diaz four times on the road, forcing Diaz’s trainer, Nelson Rodriguez, to throw in the towel in the 12th round.

Navarrete [34-1, 29 KOs] was delighted about his performance on the night.

“I think we did put on a worthy performance [of Mexico vs. Puerto Rico] because ‘Pitufo,’ I knew he was tough, I knew he was strong. And I knew he could hit hard, but he surpassed all my expectations.

“He brought out all the best in me and so I’ve got a lot of respect for Christopher ‘Pitufo’ Diaz.

“I was really impressed by ‘Pitufo’ because every time I hurt him, every time I dropped him, he came back stronger. He was a beast in there because he kept coming at me.

“He kept getting better even though I kept hurting him, and as the fight progressed, you’d expect him to get weaker but he kept getting stronger.

“I just couldn’t understand it. So I have the utmost respect for Christopher ‘Pitufo’ Diaz and what he did tonight.”

Diaz [26-3, 16 KOs] landed only 183 punches on Navarrete, but he was unable to seriously hurt the seasoned champion.