Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, JaVale McGee reportedly joined former Warriors teammate Matt Barnes at the Athletes vs. Cancer charity football game in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The four NBA players apparently attended the event’s celebrity flag football game — though KD and Green didn’t play — as well as a pregame pool party at a mega-mansion in Beverly Hills.

“We’re here to support Matt,” Green told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s our guy. That’s our brother.”

Barnes reportedly started Athletes vs. Cancer when his mother, Ann Catherine Barnes, died of cancer in 2007 and teamed up with Snoop Dogg for the football game. Barnes’ team won the fourth annual game (more on that later) as Orlando Magic forward and San Jose native Aaron Gordon won MVP honors.

Before those festivities, as TMZ reported, Green and McGee joined Barnes at the home of social media mogul and millionaire Tai Lopez for a pool party with some beautiful women, James Harden, Reggie Bush and others.

TMZ, of course, focused on the gorgeous gals — though the L.A. Times went into more depth about the football game itself.

Barnes and his team reportedly beat out Snoop’s squad for the first time in the game’s history. The 43-42 victory was thanks partly to former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia switching from Snoop’s team to Barnes’ in the fourth quarter and partly to faulty officiating, according to the Times.

“I don’t know if they let us win, but we’ll take it,” Barnes told the Times. “It was all for a great cause.”

Despite playing for Snoops team the whole game, Gordon captured another competitive trophy to add to a trophy case that already includes hardware from the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

“[This MVP trophy] is right up there with the dunk contest one,” Gordon told the Times with a smile.

It’s a little surprising Garcia didn’t snag the MVP award, considering the San Jose State product and Gilroy native led Snoop’s team to a 36-21 lead heading into the fourth quarter and then threw four touchdown passes — three for Barnes, one for Snoop — in the final stanza.

“I got to help both sides,” Garcia told the Times. “I hope to come back. These are great guys. This is a great event.”

Source: EBT