The Golden State Warriors are up on the Cleveland Cavaliers, 2-0, in the 2017 NBA Finals.

Last season the Warriors lost in tremendous fashion after a 73-win regular season, dropping a 3-1 lead to the Cavaliers before falling in seven games.

Were the Warriors preoccupied with chasing a 73-9 record, moreso than winning the NBA Finals? Probably not. Plus, that timeline doesn’t really make any sense. Plus, Stephen Curry was injured and Draymond Green got himself suspended for Game 5. But I digress.

Green told reporters on Tuesday that the Warriors are indeed trying to concentrate on winning the series rather than going for the perfect run this year.

Going 16-0 would be helpful, given that it would lead to the ultimate goal of winning a championship. And you want to win every game you play. So I’ll take Green’s comments at face value.

The Warriors would like to win more basketball games. They probably will, too.

Game 3 is in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

Source: Dane Carbaugh| NBC Sports