Dina Asher-Smith has been backed to win the gold in the 200m after recording the fasted time of the day in the heats.

Asher-Smith missed out on 100m gold on Sunday though picked up the silver behind Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price.

She bounced back on Monday to win her 200m heat in 22.32 seconds.

Fellow Brits Jodie Williams and Beth Dobbin also progressed through to the semi-finals.

But Asher-Smith is the one that’s been backed to get the gold by former Olympic champions Denise Lewis and Michael Johnson.

“I just don’t think there is anyone in the 200m field that can live with Dina right now,” Lewis told BBC Sport.

“She doesn’t want to think about the 100m. She has moved on. It’s all about the recovery now.

Johnson added: “She has had to come out here again and produce. Women don’t take chances, there was no showboating.

“What we can take from this is that Dina is the favourite with all the others dropping out.

“[Olympic champion Elaine] Thompson doesn’t look herself and you have to start looking at the race behind Dina.”

Asher-Smith will return to the track in Doha on Tuesday for the semi-finals.

Only Thompson has run faster than the Brit this season though the Jamaican was only seventh-fastest in the heats.

The silver in the 100m for Asher-Smith is her first individual global medal.

“I wouldn’t call it a relief. I don’t think about it like that, I’m not a negative person,” she said.

“I’m just proud of myself, I’ve definitely taken my time and worked my way up from being a relay runner and then through Beijing through London and the broken foot.

“It’s just been a lot of hard work that I’m proud. We’ve got more goals to go through the week. I’ve never really got nervous, not since 2013 but I definitely get adrenaline which is good.

“That means it’s all within my control. But no I wasn’t nervous because I knew that I had it within me.”

Source: Joshua Peck