Heavyweight champion boxer Deontay Wilder allegedly broke the jaw of a person wearing a cartoonish ESPN mascot outfit during an in-show stunt showcasing his pugilistic skills.

The incident happened during a Spanish language episode of Nacion ESPN.

Wilder, undefeated at 40-0 and nicknamed “The Bronze Bomber,” was invited by the show hosts to kiddingly box the hot dog-like Nacion ESPN mascot in what was supposed to be a jokey moment.

Wilder apparently didn’t get the memo, sending the mascot to the floor with a vicious right-hand shot after a few feints.

The moustached mascot did not get up from Wilder’s blow. There were no updates immediately available on the mascot’s condition or exactly who was in the mascot costume.

Some reports claimed Wilder didn’t know there was a human inside the mascot costume, but Wilder denied it on social media.

Source: Frankie Frisco