British 22-year-old heavyweight title contender – Daniel Dubois knocked his opponent down four times in 200 seconds, and is on the cusp of big-money bouts.

Dubois, a London-based puncher with technical acumen, competed against Ricardo Snijders in his first pandemic-era fight at the BT Sport studios Saturday.

Snijders was never expected to trouble Dubois, and it was not long before it became apparent that Dubois would likely have had tougher spars in the gym, as he mercilessly battered the Dutchman to the ground.

Within seconds of the opening bell, Dubois jabbed Snijders into the ropes, pressured his opponent around the ring, and generally bullied his man by making his physical advantages count.

Dubois was barely hit aside from a sneaky mid-round hook, but walked through whatever Snijders landed and began making him grimace with confidence-sapping body-shots.

Indeed, the first knockdown was scored as a result of a left hook to the body.

A flurry of shots, finished with a left hookercut to the gut, forced Snijders to the ground once again, before the 26-year-old got dropped for a third time with 11 seconds left on the clock.

He beat the count, and somehow managed to convince the referee he could recover in the corner between rounds.

Really, the fight could have been waved off and there would have been no complaints because Dubois had Snijders on the canvas for a fourth and final team just eight seconds into the second round.

Dubois closed-in on Snijders, threw a seven-punch combination — which included numerous digs to the body — and though Snijders got back to his feet after dropping to his knees because of a right hook to the ribs, the referee had seen enough.

It was all over.

Credit: Insider