The Hungarian Swimming Federation has disclosed in a press release that nine national team members have tested positive for COVID-19 in Hungary – eight swimmers and one coach. But some sources suspect that the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the team would surpass a dozen later on.

All nine infected persons spent the last month in high altitude training camps, many of them participated in the training camp in Erzurum, Turkey.

The most notable element of their case is that all of the swimmers’ first tests were negative, but the second tests done three days later turned out positive. That means double-checking is crucial and essential for the final diagnosis and for the safety of others.

Out of the eight swimmers, Boglárka Kapás, the World and European Champion (200m butterfly), was the first to announce that she had tested positive for Coronavirus. She did so on her social media platforms, admitting that she burst into tears, when she got the test results. She needed a whole day to deal with the psychological effect of the diagnosis and could only make the announcement after speaking to friends, family and, of course, some medical professionals.

At the moment, the only names known, among the swimmers that tested positive, are of those who revealed the information themselves and due to the very delicate nature of the personal medical data, we can only publish the names disclosed already.

So far we know that the following have tested positive for COVID-19:

Boglárka Kapás – World and European Champion

Dominik Kozma – World and European bronze medalist

Richárd Bohus – World bronze medalist

Dávid Horváth – European silver medalist

In the interview given to the National Sport Daily online, Richard Bohus admitted, that last week, during a normal daily 800 meters run, he felt exhausted and also couldn’t find the reason for soreness in his muscles after a few exercises.

President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation Mr. Sándor Wladár has announced that these swimmers are going to be quarantined for another two weeks, closely monitored during the next few days for any symptoms, and of course all the necessary medical, hygienic measures, including social distancing, are being taken for the safety of others.

With the federation still awaiting some test results, there could be more bad news to come.

Source: Csisztu Zsuzsa| AIPS EC Member