Freelance journalists in Croatia are currently facing hard times due to the turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the government is not willing to help, according to Domagoj Margetic, the Chairman of Freelance Group in the Croatian Journalists Association (CJA).

Margetic explained the current situation of freelancers in Croatia.

“The government did not agree to include freelance journalists in its measures, which will further undermine us in the already poor condition. We made proposals on a daily basis, insisting that the measures include a section for freelancers, because they will definitely be among the most affected groups, but for now, and as it seems, the authorities have been deaf and blind to our requests.

“In our Commission, we will continue to propose and insist on resolving these matters, because this is indeed priority. Many freelance journalists will not be able to cover household expenses, obligations to the state next month, not to speak about bare necessities. They will consequently not be able to cover the costs of phones, internet and the likes, which are their basic means of operation. And the vicious circle closes.

“In this part of the profession, the consequences could be truly catastrophic, and we warned about this from day one, when we also proposed the first measures and insisted that they enter into the measures of the government. Unfortunately, there has been no dialogue with the Ministry of Culture and the government regarding the position of freelance journalists. I guess it is because they are counting on the crisis to solve these disobedient and ruthless freelancers in a legal and quiet way. So that they die out like dinosaurs.”

Source: Jura Ozmec| AIPS Secretary General and Treasurer