Commonwealth Games discus champion Federick Dacres said ‘it should be exciting’ later this week when he makes his season debut in the Diamond League on May 31 in Rome.

There, Dacres, the world leader, will take on some of the best throwers on the planet including World Champion Andrius Gudzius, who was thrown 69.13m this season.

Also down to compete are the German brothers, Christoph and Robert Harting, as well as Daniel Stahl and Iran’s Ehsan Hadadi, who has a season best of 68.85m. However, Dacres, whose world-leading mark of 69.83m eclipses all his rivals so far this season, said it will require something special to top this world-class field.

“I basically (plan) to go out there, hold my technique and pull out my soul then pray the work will show in distance,” he said.

Federick Dacres
Federick Dacres
After his record-breaking performance at the Commonwealth Games, Dacres, a student of the University of the West Indies has had to shift his focus somewhat to academics and exams, but he has also been finding the time to stay busy in the gym to maintain his strength levels while he honing is technique.

“Training has been good so far, just trying to maintain,” he told SportsMax from Prague where he competes at the Ludwig Danka Memorial on Tuesday and goes up against Piotr Malachowski and Robert Urbanek.

His focus for this meet is similar to that for Rome.

“It’s the same as always, throw far.”

Source: SportsMax