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President of New Edubiase United FC, Abdul Salam Yakubu has said that club administrators are the ones who induce referees [financially] to tilt results in their favour thereby killing the game.

Speaking on Asempa [94.7] FM Ultimate Sports Morning Show on Monday, September 24, the outspoken club administrator opined that until club chairmen change their ways of doing things, no reform[s] can save Ghana football.

“We [club administrators] should rescind from our old ways of doing things.

“We need to chart a new course if we really want our football to grow to an appreciable level acceptable to all,” he added.

Abdul Salam Yakubu also advised club administrators and referees to be more professional going forward.

Abdul Salam Yakubu taking a selfie
Abdul Salam Yakubu taking a selfie
“I’ll urge club administrators and referees to be more professional in their work.

“Club chairmen are the ones who lobby for the appointment of referees,” Abdul Salam professed.

The former Ghana U-17 management member [Abdul Salam Yakubu] suggested that the appointment of referees must be automated [computer based system] since it’ll help curb the influence from third parties.

“The appointment committee could appoint a particular referee to serve their selfish interest whiles clubs can also lobby their way through,” he alleged.

The New Edubiase United President also fingered politicians as one of the causative agents of match influence in Ghana football.