The city of Chongqing will see the world’s top players converge for a spectacular display of world-class table tennis

Excitement builds as World Table Tennis (WTT) announces the next WTT Champions event, set to transform Chongqing into a global table tennis arena from 27 May to 2 June 2024 at the Huaxi International Sports and Cultural Center. This marks a historic occasion as Chongqing becomes the first city in southwestern China to host a WTT Series event.

WTT Champions Chongqing promises a week of intense competition, featuring the world’s top 32 men’s and women’s singles players vying for glory, ranking points, and a share of the lucrative prize pool. As the second WTT Champions event in the 2024 calendar, Chongqing is set to continue the WTT Series’ tradition of delivering top-tier sports entertainment and thrilling matches that captivate fans worldwide.

Steve Dainton, CEO of World Table Tennis, shared his vision for the event: ” WTT Champions Chongqing is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase the deep roots and vibrant future of table tennis within the heart of China. Chongqing, with its rich cultural tapestry and cutting-edge facilities, provides the perfect arena for this celebration. We are dedicated to crafting an event that not only mesmerises our global audience but also honours the sport’s legacy and its power to inspire and connect people across the world.”

Feng Yimei, Vice Mayor of Banan District, highlighted the city’s readiness to host the event: “We are honoured to welcome WTT Champions Chongqing. Our state-of-the-art Huaxi International Sports and Cultural Center is a testament to our commitment to promoting sports and cultural exchanges. We’re excited to show the world the warmth and hospitality of Chongqing while providing an exceptional experience for athletes and fans alike.”

Home to over 30 million residents, Chongqing, a historical gem in southwestern China, is celebrated for its Bayu culture and 3,000-year urban legacy. The Banan District, known for its passionate table tennis community, offers fans a chance to experience not only top-tier sportsmanship but also the city’s famed culinary delights. Visitors can also explore attractions such as the Fengsheng Ancient Town and Hanhai Marine Park, marrying the excitement of table tennis with the allure of local tourism.

The Huaxi International Sports and Cultural Center, renowned for its world-class facilities, is set to provide a magnificent venue for the athletes and an immersive experience for the fans. With the city’s enthusiasm for table tennis and the incredible talent on display, the WTT Champions in Chongqing is poised to be a highlight of the sporting calendar.

Liu Guoliang, Board Chair of World Table Tennis, commented: ” WTT Champions Chongqing is a showcase of the city’s ability to unite fans and athletes in a spectacular display of skill and passion for the sport. Chongqing’s unique charm and the fervour of its fans are set to create an unforgettable backdrop as we witness the world’s finest talents push the boundaries of excellence.”