Saul “Canelo” Alvarez does not see his boxing match with Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin going to the hands of the judges.

With all the news and interest in the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight on 26 August, it is easy to forget that another huge boxing fight will take place just three weeks after.

Following his dominant win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on 6 May, it was announced that “Canelo” (49-1-1 professional record) would face the undefeated Golovkin [37-0 professional record] in a dream fight for the middleweight title on 16 September.

In a bout that will determine the best middleweight boxer in the world, the Mexican believes GGG respects his power, adding that he sees the bout ending in a finish.

“I don’t think they’re underestimating my power,” Alvarez said, as quoted on Boxing Scene. “I think the fans know and [the media] know we both have attractive styles and we’re both gonna fight a fight where anybody can win by knockout.”

“We both have the power to win by knockout. But that’s what makes for a great fight and I think that’s what makes this an attractive fight for the fans.”

While his opponent in Golovkin has knocked out 89% of his foes, Alvarez, whose finish rate is 67%, has notably knocked out bigger names in James Kirkland and Amir Khan.

The 27-year-old also maintains that anything can happen in boxing and that given his punching power, he could be the first to knock out Golovkin, let alone knock him down.

“Anything can happen in boxing,” Alvarez added. “Anything can happen at any moment, at any time when both fighters can punch, when they both have punching power.”

“You can have a fighter who might not be a big puncher, but if he connects with that perfect punch, at the right spot, he can knock down anybody. So yes, of course it can happen. It can happen because of the amount of punching power both fighters have.”

Alvarez was also asked about the possibility of facing McGregor should he do the unthinkable and defeat Mayweather in his first professional fight.

While he did not rule it out, the Guadalajara native does not see a miracle happening: “If that miracle happens, then it’s a different conversation but I doubt it very much.”

Source: Abhinav Kini| IBT