In the end, speed kills.

Canelo Alvarez might have been the smaller fighter Saturday night, but his speed and power carried him to a convincing 12-round unanimous decision over game Callum Smith at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Tx.

The scores were 119-109 twice, and 117-111.

Smith began the fight as expected by jabbing. Alvarez inched forward – bobbing and weaving. Smith landed a bodyshot. Alvarez did the same. He popped Smith with jabs and a couple of rights. In round two, Smith, moving backwards slowly, looked to punch more. Alvarez landed a shot to the belly. Smith kept jabbing. Alvarez connected with a hook. His jab was landing. Close round.

Alvarez (54-1-1, 36 KOs) swung for the fences at the beginning of round three. It missed. Alvarez connected with a hook and jab. A hook to ribs the connected. A right hand as well. Smith opened up but Alvarez blocked the incoming. Smith fired some hard jabs in round four. And an uppercut. Alvarez fought back with heavy hooks to the head and body. Smith’s face was beginning to the show the effects of the shots he was taking.

Smith (27-1, 19 KOs) came out firing in round five. Alvarez clubbed Smith with a left hook. He was walking forward patiently without fear and placing his shots. Alvarez connected with a hard rights to the head and belly in round six. Smith connected with a right. Alvarez kept jabbing. He was making Smith miss a lot of punches. Both fighters landed jabs in round seven. Smith was letting his hands go. Alvarez connected with a uppercut. He dug to the body. A big right connected.

Through seven rounds Alvarez was winning the fight easily on this writer’s scorecard. He was punching less, but landing the cleaner blows. Alvarez,30, advanced in round eight. He clipped Smith with more blows. Smith connected with a short-left hook. Seconds later a right hand. Alvarez connected with a huge uppercut. Smith landed another right to the chin.

In round nine, Alvarez connected with a hard right. Smith was bleeding from the nose. Smith fired a right. Alvarez worked up and down. Smith took the shots well, but he was losing and being beat up. Alvarez buckled him with another right. Smith fought back. He was hurt again by a big uppercut.

Smith’s corner told him he had one more round. Smith argued with his trainer. He came out punching in round 10. Alvarez clubbed him with hard blows. Alvarez went to the body. The blows were hard and had to hurt. There was no quit in Smith, but he was being pounded on consistently. Alvarez went back to work in round 11. Smith fought back off the ropes. Alvarez let go with combinations. Smith kept trying – Alvarez cracked him some more.

Smith would need a miracle in the 12thand final round. He didn’t get it. He punched, but Alvarez rolled with the blows and fired hard accurate shots. Smith continued to hang in. Alvarez connected with an overhand right. Smith was leaking oil. Alvarez worked him over some more at the bell.

“I did a great job after 13-month layoff,’ said the unmarked Alvarez in the ring. “I’m so happy. I’m the best in the world.”

Source: John Raspanti