Canelo Alvarez came to the weigh-in looking for a fake fight before the world middleweight title fight with Gennady Golovkin.

After they both scaled about half a pound under the 160 lb limit they finally came face-to-face following a seven month build up in which Canelo had refused to look at or speak to Triple G.

Alvarez immediately thrust his forehead into the face of Kazakhstan’s multi-belt world champion and threatened to throw punches. Golovkin stood his ground as a brawl started to break out around them.

The hate is real.

After they were pulled apart, Triple G said: ‘He showed the clown he is. The real war is tomorrow [Saturday] night. I absolutely want to knock him out.’

Canelo responded: ‘I just became very emotional and excited by all the Mexican support here for me.

‘I defeated him at the weigh-in and I will knock him out in the fight.’

The Mexican stand off had dragged on as Canelo Alvarez refused to go to the scales at the weigh in first as agreed.

That had been the only concession in fight protocol made by Canelo in deference to Golovkin’s status as world champion – nit the Mexican stayed rooted to his chair when called to the scales.

Canelo attacks GGG at the weigh-in
Canelo attacks GGG at the weigh-in
He had better calm down overnight. Anger is not a boxer’s friend in the ring.

Both had looked relaxed and smiling as they arrived back stage, shaking hands with well wishers and officials.

They were kept waiting as two UFC stars Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz promoted their forthcoming fight.

Canelo and Triple G entered the hall in which they would go to war 29 hours later to uproarious albeit mixed receptions.

Many Mexicans are less fervent about Canelo since his failed drugs tests but will support him, especially on Mexico Independence Day Life is less complicated for the Golovkin followers and they cheered him to the rafters.

Thousands of arriving Mexican fans were rushing from the airport in the last half hour before their man came to the scales The half of the 20,000 seat T Mobile Arena set aside for the event was not space enough and hundreds were kept outside under the 100 degrees sun watching on screens.

And this was only the weigh in!

It will be a hot night in this bad town on Saturday.

Source: Jeff Powell