Briana Nichole Williams cruised to a comfortable victory with the time of 11.01 seconds at the JAC Summer Open over the weekend, but the Jamaican teenager is eyeing to break her own time this evening as she lines up against the likes of English Gardener, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Tynia Gaither at the Hodges Stadium in North Florida.

It was the first run since the teenager ran 11.09 and 11.15 at the Miramar South Florida Invitational on May 9, but the 19-year-old claim she’s prepared to run faster today:

“The first, the preliminary, was good; just working on my start, how low I am coming out of my drive phase, and then most importantly, high knees, don’t break form and just run to the line.

“I didn’t want to go all out, that’s for tomorrow. I was about 95 per cent.

“Glad to have run 11.01 not trying too much but giving enough to where I could set a national junior record and it felt great. My form was great. I liked it.”