Debuting in the light heavyweight division, Gilberto Ramirez did pretty well.

The former super middleweight champion did a little better than Sullivan Barrera in rounds one and two of their fight at Bank of California Arena Friday night. The pace was slow as the crowd waited for something to happen.

It did in round three when Ramirez [41-0, 28 KOs] landed a clean hook to the liver. After a delay of a second or two, Barrera turned away and took a knee. The long-time contender, who’s been down early in fights before, pulled himself up but his discomfort was obvious.

Ramirez wasted little time exploiting his advantage in the next heat-targeting Barrera’s body. Barrera [22-4, 24 KOs] tried to keep Ramirez off him with counter hooks, landing a number but the slightly bigger and much younger Ramirez marched confidently after him.

At the two-minute mark of round four, Ramirez dug a hard left to the belly. As with the first knockdown, Barrera stepped away and took a knee. Up at the count of seven, the end was obviously near. Ramirez went right back to work, landing a straight left to the belly. Barrera stayed up, but seconds later a combination crumbled him.

The time was 1 min and 38 seconds into round four.

“I think my performance was great,” said Ramirez. “(Dmitry) Bivol, you’re next.”

Well, OK then.

Source: John J. Raspanti