Birmingham 2022 Volunteers have shared snaps of their brand new uniforms across social media and very snappy they look too. As the days count down until the summer games, 14,000 volunteers are prepping for their roles decked out in their stylish blue and orange overalls.

From NHS surgeons to primary school teachers, everyday people are dedicated to helping out during the games. Many are currently in the final stages of training for roles including meet and greeters, first aid or drivers.

The uniforms have been a huge hit with volunteers with parts inspired by iconic city buildings and a wave pattern inspired by local architecture. The kit comprises of a waterproof jacket, trousers, two polo shirts, gilet, belt, bag and hat. The uniforms, in bold orange and blue, came in two separate wardrobes to give volunteers a choice over which one suits them best.

Pat Holland 72, from Bradford, will volunteer as “Field Of Play” at cycling events including Mountain Bikes at Cannock Chase, Time Trails at Wolverhampton and the Road Race at Warwick. She said: “I really like the look of uniform and the material it is made of. I feel it is lightweight and easy to wash and hopefully will dry quickly.

“I especially like the fact they have doubled up on the trousers and tops as I have one shift on the following day and as I am outdoors it might be difficult to dry the uniform in time. I’m not sure about the belt, not sure why we need it.

“To wear this uniform makes me feel an enormous part of a bigger team. When people see the uniform they will know that I am there to help if they need anything.

“I hope each and every person I meet both athletes and public go away with a positive feeling of “wow that was amazing”. I wish that when they leave it will be with a great big smile on their face. Better still if I was one of those people who made them smile.”

Matthew Man 32, from Halesowen, is a secondary school maths teacher volunteering with media operations. He said: “My role is to be welcoming to the media, whether its journalists from the media outlets such as the BBC, ITV, the Guardian or the Birmingham Mail as examples. I am really looking forward to learning on the job.

“I do like the look of the new uniform. It really represents the character of Birmingham such as the Peaky Blinders cap and patterns from Birmingham’s Grand Central and the Bullring building.

“I was sceptical thinking that the uniform could either be too loose or too tight as I was measured during my interview last September. However, it turns out that the uniforms fit really well. It’s really comfortable and suits all different types of weather, which is certainly the case in Birmingham!

Source: Husna Anjum