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Betway Ghana [an online sports betting company] has added a brand new betting slip onto its platform – Multi Bet.

Betway Multi Betting slip
Betway Multi Betting slip

In multi betting, a bettor is allowed to combine series of single bets into one bet with the odds multiplying with each additional bet. In this case, a bettor can place a bet of two [2] or more picks.

Here, the total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual picks.

For instance, GHC10 bet on let say – Swansea City vs. Manchester United, Everton vs. Chelsea, in the upcoming EFL Cup matches on Tuesday can be computed as;

A bet on the victory of Swansea City over Manchester United [odds: 2.30], Everton over Chelsea [odds 2.75] will be calculated as 10 x 2.30 x 2.75 = GHC63.25


Betway Multi Betting slip introduced
Betway Multi Betting slip introduced

The advantage of multi compared with a single bet is that revenues are higher than two bets made separately since the odds are multiplied among them.

Betway is experiencing its largest growth in sports betting, with its comprehensive sports book product offering customers a wide selection of both pre-game and in-play betting across a broad range of sports. The company continues to make a strong and targeted investment in both customer experience and sports.

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