Fourteen months ago, Andrew Moloney wept in the ring after losing his WBA title to Joshua Franco. Winning the title had been a dream come true; losing it a living nightmare. Moloney begged for a rematch. Promoter Bob Arum said he’d get for him.

Mooney trained, and waited for the call.

The Australian native stayed in America, making sure he would be ready whenever a sequel date was secured. Arum told him the rematch would be November 14, in Sin City. Franco was confident he’d repeat his win over Moloney. He didn’t expect anything different. Moloney said little.

Moloney dominated from the get-go. He battered Franco with jabs and left hooks, causing Franco’s right eye to swell. Before round three commenced, referee Russell Mora determined the swelling had been caused by a headbutt. Numerous replays and discussions didn’t back this up.

As Maxboxing’s Anthony Cocks wrote… the NAC reviewed the footage of the opening round when the headbutt was alleged to have occurred. Meanwhile, broadcaster ESPN replayed every bit of footage they had of the opening three minutes from every angle, even going as far as to use super slow motion.

There was only one possible conclusion to draw: There. Was. No. Headbutt.

No matter. The fight was ruled a no contest due to an invisible headbutt. Franco retained his title.

Moloney was incredulous after the bout. “I can’t believe they took this away from me.

I’ve been training for five months, been away from my family and they stole it from me.”

Arum was livid – stating that he was going ’to get the fu*** out of Vegas.’ Arum did as he threatened.

Fight three will be going down August 14 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“I’m very excited for this third fight with Moloney. I’ve been preparing very well for this fight, and I’m feeling stronger than ever,” Franco said. “I came into training camp really heavy. Because of that, I ended up having trouble making the weight but, this time, I came back lighter. I disciplined myself and I’m looking to look sharper and stronger in the ring and to put this trilogy to rest.”

Moloney said, “I’ve had to wait nine months to once again fight for what should have been mine back in November. There is no way I’ll be leaving that ring without my world title this time.

“I’m a class above Franco. I’ve got plenty more tools in my tool kit than what he does,” Moloney told The Inner Sanctum.

He’ll have another chance to prove it August 14.

Let’s hope boxing gets it right as well.

Source: John J. Raspanti