The sudden retirement of Andre Ward led to a rival boxer brandishing some pretty harsh, albeit perhaps joking, words about the eight-time world champion.

Sergey Kovalev jabbed at Ward about the Oakland legend announcing his retirement Thursday in an interview with TMZ.

“Yesterday he fought me and today he’s retired. That’s the reason,” Kovalev said, exaggerating the timeline — since the two light heavyweights fought in June. “I’m back. And in a few fights (it) should be our third fight. And he’s not here today. … I said before fight, that I will stop his boxing career. I said? Yes? It’s true.”

Kovalev laughed extensively in the interview, which makes sense considering he may have been joking.

Known as The Krusher, he posited that the two boxers are 1-1 against each other — despite Ward winning both bouts, the first by close decision and the second unanimously. Kovalev, who is 30-2-1 with his lone losses to Ward, suggested a third match would decide an overall victor.

So does Kovalev think such a potential bout worried Ward, who retired at 32-0?

“It’s very good for the boxing, because right now, more fighters will be more motivated to get this championship fights,” Kovalev replied when asked by TMZ. “It’s going to be much interesting for the boxing fans. No more boring fights. Just a fight and fight fights, a real fight, for the world title. And I’m happy. And yes of course I’m disappointed that I don’t have an opportunity to kick his (expetive) again.”

Source: Daniel Mano| EBT