By James K. Attaglo Wilson

Ghanaian striker – Abednego Tetteh has opened the lid on some of the frustrations players go through in the hands of supporters.

The newly signed Hearts of Oak striker answering a question from Papa Mxtro on Adom TV last Saturday on whether he’s ready to face the pressure from the Phobia supporters said yes, and recounted an ordeal he went through in Bechem from an old man.

“I am a Phobia myself so I know how the fans behave when things don’t go well.

“But the funny thing is that these same supporters will be signing you all the praises in this world should you start winning games week in, week out.

“I recall that a certain old man in Bechem came to me after one of our games and told me in the face that it’ll be better for me if I could change my name because Abednego as a name is synonymous to preaching and not football.

“He even went ahead to give a Bible [to preach with] which I still have it in my room.

“The most interesting thing is that the day I scored a hat-trick against Hearts of Oak in Bechem this same old man ran straight to me after the game and carried me on a shoulder higher so you can never predict supporters.”