By James K. Attaglo Wilson

Ghanaian born Norwich City midfielder Alexander Banor Tettey wish the Premier League continue, but want Liverpool to be handed the title should the season ends prematurely due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

With 82 points Liverpool looks all, but 99.9% odds favourite to lift its first Premier League gong in 30 years. The premiership has been suspended amid the COVID-19 outbreak and is due to return on April 30.

Sharing his views on Norwegian channel [TV2], Tettey said it’ll only be fair to give the title to Liverpool should the season end abruptly judging from their position on the table:

“It’s the same talk that Liverpool should not become champions.

“They lead by 25 points. Should the league be called off, just give them the trophy. It must be fair.

“If they have to play the matches for many months, and we stay until August or September, then we just have to do it, because it’s fair to end this season.

“It (cancelling) is not a scenario I’m thinking about, because it’s not really very fair.

“In football, you are placed where you are because of the way you’ve performed.

“You’re going to play your way out of the situation, not get help from a bad thing. For the fans and the club, it would be very good, but it’s not fair.

“There are many scenarios, but I think we should play as fast as possible.

“UEFA will have all matches finished in June at the latest. I think they should try to stick to that, although it can be difficult.”

The Canaries [Norwich City] were rooted to the foot of the Premier League with 21 points and six points from safety with nine games remaining before the postponement.

Born in Accra [Ghana] on April 04, 1986, Alexander Tettey [33yrs] has earned 34 caps for the Norwegian national team.