Ghana Football Association [GFA] referees manager – Alexander Kotey says he has laid down a number of strategic decisions and policies that will help improve officiating in the country.

Speaking to the GFA media, the retired FIFA referee who was appointed on May 25 revealed some of the policies that has been laid on the table to help sharpen refereeing in Ghana:

“We are going to create an enabling atmosphere for each and every referee and make sure that we create a good rapport between refereeing and the media as far as education is concerned.

“We also want to undertake a thorough medical check for all our elite referees. It is no more going to be the referees doing their own test and bringing it to us,” he noted.

Mr. Kotey, 2006 SWAG [Sports Writers Association of Ghana] Referee of the Year said his appointment as the first referees manager did not come to him as a surprise based on his level of experience and competence:

“My appointment never came to me as a surprise because I know the experience I have and the knowledge as far as refereeing is concerned.”

The referee’s manager [Kotey] further reiterated that equal opportunity for all will be given to deserving candidates regardless of the gender.

“There is nothing like this is my boy or this is my girl.

“Every referee will be given equal and fair opportunity to work and that will get you opportunities. Of course, if you are ready to work then the sky will be your limit.”

Hem however, added that female referees will be motivated under his tenure even to the level of been able to officiate the men’s game.

“We want to look at how best we can motivate our female referees in getting them to the top flight of refereeing, especially the good ones. The good ones amongst them will officiate in men’s game.”