The AIPS e-College will be officially presented today, April 9, with a full programme and calendar of activities for the upcoming months set to be announced. The presentation will take place during the second preliminary session, at 2 pm Central European Time, when former IOC head of marketing Michael Payne offers a live session on Zoom with the registered members of AIPS e-College.

In his impressive presentation last week, in front of an international panel with Young Reporters from more than 40 countries, Payne already established the facts that led to the postponement of the Olympics Games to 2021 and explained why they can represent a horizon of hope for mankind.

Now it’s time for his “second half”, answering more questions from the Young Reporters, coordinated by AIPS president Gianni Merlo and mentors Martin Mazur, Keir Radnedge and Riccardo Romani.

To receive the invitation, please send an email to Maria Pia Beltran at there’s time until Thursday, April 9, at 9am CET.

e-COLLEGE The e-College is an innovative distance learning project which marks a new step of AIPS cultural agenda, offering tools, opportunities and answers to the next generation of sports journalists.

REQUIREMENTS Participating in the AIPS e-College is free for AIPS members. Lessons will be twice a week, starting at 2pm CET. Each session has a maximum time of 90 minutes. All communication is in English. At the end of the course, AIPS will release certificates to the graduates.

GOALS The AIPS e-College has five main goals.

1) To add invaluable experience by interacting directly with top international guests and learning how to ask the right questions and seek for the right answers.

2) To understand important matters related to sports structures, media operations, sports & law, financial issues, doping and refereeing.

3) To improve journalistic skills and storytelling techniques in digital, print and social media.

4) To enhance the decision making process and stimulate crea content.

5) To broaden the overall knowledge of the sports media industry, including the current trends in newsrooms around the world, from photography to video-making and from long-form pieces to podcasts.

GUESTS Some of the upcoming guests include Olympic medalist Edwin Moses, former president of WADA and IOC member, Craig Reedie, Francois Carrard, top expert in sport&law, IOC Head of Media Operations Lucia Montanerella, former top volleyball player and sport commentator Maurizia Cacciatori. Other names will be provided in the next days.

NEXT GEN AIPS organises Young Reporters

Programmes since 2011, having already completed over 30 programmes jointly organised with top organisations.

In 2018, AIPS launched the AIPS Sport Media Awards, that also include a special Young Reporter Under 30 category.

In 2020, while parts of the world were shifting from social distancing to lockdown and sporting events were cancelled, AIPS quickly reacted by announcing the creation of AIPS e-College, vital part of its educational package for the new generations of journalists.

If you’re interested in joining the AIPS e-College, please write to Maria Pia Beltran at

Source: Martin Mazur| AIPS Media