AIPS America has been a victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, not only due to the economic downturn that has inflicted job losses, but also in the most painful way – claiming the lives of twenty colleagues, seven from Ecuador and thirteen from Peru.

They were honored last Saturday during the very first virtual session of the AIPS America executive committee. At the start of the videoconference, a minute of silence was observed as tribute to them. Those who have died from March to date, according to official reports, are:

1. Manuel Adolfo Varas (Ecuador)

2. Luis Alberto Flores (Ecuador)

3. Walter Espinel Jaramillo (Ecuador)

4. Roberto Román Valencia (Ecuador)

5. Gerardo Mosquera Rodríguez (Ecuador)

6. Elio Armas (Ecuador)

7. Jorge Iturburu (Ecuador)

8. Víctor Ítalo Valverde (Peru)

9. Lilian Dávila Portocarrero (Peru)

10. Julio Abarca Durán (Peru)

11. Raúl Arias Almaraz (Peru)

12. Belisario Marocho Cano (Peru)

13. Carlos Cuba Aguilar (Peru)

14. Sindefredo Moncada Silva (Peru)

15. Máximo Huapaya Adriazola (Peru)

16. Gregorio Graus López (Peru)

17. Víctor Mantilla Marreros (Peru)

18. Óscar Sánchez Nuñez (Peru)

19. Juan Buckana Romero (Peru)

20. Hugo Wong García (Peru)


In addition to the above, the Bolivian press has confirmed the first death of the journalistic union due to Covid-19. Jacinto Quispe, a producer and cameraman, who went through various media in the country and who, in recent times, was covering sports events, died in Santa Cruz – the city most affected by the pandemic in that country.


In Peru, journalist Raúl Dreyfus has died at the age of 96, due to a heart problem. Raúl was one of the most relevant and experienced sports journalists in Peru.

Source: Maria Constanza Mora Pedraza| AIPS