As promised, Sierra Leona looked the reigning African champions Algeria straight in the eye, pushing them to their last corner in the first period before putting up a Maginot Line to register their first point of the tournament.

The first half was largely to the advantage of Sierra Leone with two scoring chances for striker Alhadji Kamara.

After the break, Kei Kamara was whistled for offside when he thought he had opened the scoring.

This refused goal served as a reminder to the Desert Foxes who began to come out of their torpor.

Yacine Brahimi tried to light the first match in the 50th minute but fell short on the Sierra Leonean goalkeeper.

In the 65th minute Sofiane Bendebka was blocked by Steven Caulker as the ball hit the net.

With six minutes remaining, Benrhama misses the mark on his own in the penalty area.

Until the end, the Desert Foxes laid siege to the Sierra Leone side but goalkeeper Mohamed N Kamara remained strong and made up for his defense twice.

Source: CAF