Organisers want new year’s TCS London Marathon to be more inclusive after extensive review.

A non-binary option will be offered to applicants in the 2023 TCS London Marathon ballot.

The ballot, which will open on October 1, will include three gender options – male, female and non-binary – but will only be included in the mass participation element of the London Marathon.

That means if you are applying to run for yourself or a charity then that option becomes available.

The change follows an extensive review and consultation period by London Marathon Events, organisers of the London Marathon, in an attempt to make the event more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

However, elite races plus Championship and Good for Age categories, which all operate under World Athletics rules, will not offer a non-binary option.

London follows the Boston Marathon in creating a non-binary category for the mass participation part of the event.

In July, London Marathon Events announced new entry policies for the 2022 London Marathon which included entries for assisted participants, enhanced policies for participants who are pregnant or postpartum and special considerations for participants in the virtual marathon.

Such a system is already offered for the masses at the Standard Chartered Great City Race, a corporate race held in the City of London.

“This is a significant step forward for the TCS London Marathon as we continue our journey to make our event truly inclusive,” Hugh Brasher, Event Director of the London Marathon, said.

“We know there is still much more to be done, but changes such as this demonstrate our commitment to making the TCS London Marathon an event that is for everyone.”

The 2023 London Marathon will take place on Sunday 23 April.

Source: Tim Adams


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