By James K. Attaglo Wilson|

The Local Organizing Committee [LOC] of the 2017 FOX WAFU Cup of Nations has activated the registration of volunteer programme for the public to apply.

The WAFU volunteer programme which aims at employing hundreds of Ghanaians comes in different phases including recruiting, selecting and training the volunteers in the two host cities – Sekondi and Takoradi.

The volunteers will be supported in areas such as ceremonies, transport, media, IT, protocol, language services, and fan services.

The volunteers will be provided with the following:

Unique volunteer uniforms

Free meals during shifts


Priceless work experience

New friends

Participant’s certificate


Registration is open to everyone, regardless of the gender, ethnic background.

Candidates should be over 18 years-old.

Previous volunteering experience will be an additional advantage.

Be willing to work hard and communicate with others.

Be able to speak English and possess effective teamwork skills.

Applicants with proficiency in French and Portuguese are highly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

The first step on your way is to express interest by sending an e-mail to give your personal details:


Date of Birth:


Area to volunteer:

Host City:

Upload digital picture

Closing date for applications: 22 August, 2017

Interested persons must send their applications to


The selection process of the future volunteers will begin with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) checking the information provided by candidates and decide whether the candidates meet the age criteria.

After that, the successful candidates will proceed further to do an interview to decide on the volunteering area to be assigned to the candidate.

Training sessions will be organised in the two host cities after the volunteers are assigned their respective cities.

The details about the training sessions will be sent to the future volunteers via email.