Let’s get into it.

Leo Santa Cruz vs Josh Warrington.

Frank Warren just made a fabulous offer for Leo to cross the pond and get paid to try on Josh Warrington. In nearly 30 fights Josh has a puny 20% KO percentage, so he’s not a Monster Inoue type of power threat. Kiko Martinez took Josh the distance, whilst Leo, Carl Frampton, Gary Russell, and Scott Quigg have KO’d Kiko.

That tells us Warrington aint all that and a bag of Fritos. He’s had to go the split-decisions route in two of his last three goes, with Kid Galahad and Lee Selby getting to the precipice of beating him. His unanimous decision over Frampton is really his only claim to fame. I’ll give him that, he did look sharp in that fight.

So the guy looked quality in a single bout and Leo won’t go get that money? The IBF title is there to be had as well, but truth be told, Leo is beyond fighting for titles. He is a brand at featherweight, has been for a few years now. He’s a three-weight division champ who won his first title seven years ago. The prudent move is cashing the biggest paychecks out there, no matter if the British rob you of a decision.

Here comes Al Haymon. Al pumps the brakes on the Warrington fight, countering small change for Josh to challenge Leo in the states. OK. If it were earlier in Leo’s career, I can see that. But Leo is long-in-the-tooth now. He’s 31, and a natural bantam is toast in his 30’s.

Al handles Leo like he handles Gary “I-only-fight-once-a-year” Russell Jr.

Leo vs Mares? Media made that out to be fascinating give and take FOTY candidates. True talk; Leo was fighting a much smaller guy. Leo is 5’8 with Mares standing 5’4 on his tip-toes. so imagine Mares fighting someone standing an even five feet tall.

Mister Gary Russell Jr. vs Leo

Uncle Al will pamper Leo till he’s too old to damage delicate Gary the baby T-Rex. I figure Al milks Leo cuzz Leo is a guarantee to draw the Mexican demographic that pays his bills. Ok.

And I figure uncle Al pampers Gary because he likely made pact to do so after the Loma loss told us all we needed to know about GRJ’s true level. My gut tells me Uncle Al promised Papa Russell to get the little fella paid as a bribe to sign the other Russell kids to PBC.

Gervonta Davis versus anyone with a pulse

Plain and simple, Uncle Al wouldn’t match Gervonta with your grandmother. Davis has a million Twitter followers, so, like Ryan Garcia he’s gonna feast on taxi drivers until he bursts. Another reason he is untouchable is that Floyd always be crowding all up in his promotion like Puffy bombing his artist’s videos and selfies. Floyd still brings glitz and eyeballs. To verify my take just look at Gervonta’s next opponent. The rusted, and ancient, Yuriorkis Gamboa.

PBC trotted out Gamboa and matched him against the embalmed cadaver of Rocky Martinez. Rocky took a few light slaps and crumbled away to return to the confines of the old folk’s home, where the residents hit harder than Gamboa.

Floyd spins that Davis is young and is being developed “proper.” Ok. First, the guy is almost 25 years old. He’s a grown-ass man who might be 40 before he fights a meaningful opponent. Secondly, you groom prospects ’proper’ on the way up. Once you own a title there’s no more grooming, it’s time to get to boomin’ and bloomin’!

The worst part is that Gervonta really believes he’s a tank. Lol. He’s barking about Loma; best leave that alone. Talking madness about going to 135. Mikey, Loma, and Devin Haney will make him their wives, or at the very least their side-kick. Uncle Al isn’t pitting Gary Russell with Gervonta whilst both of them cows got milk left in them.

Bud Crawford

Errol “The Seahorse” Spence Jr. vs Bud Crawford

Bob Arum made a hefty promotional contract extension guarantee to Bud that in effect guarantees Crawford big money at no risk. Bob is just as rotten as Uncle Al when it comes to halting the desires of fight fans for the best to fight the best. Spence is a very big cat and a certified monster. I just can’t picture the natural lightweight Bud giving hell to the Charlo brothers in sparring. Those are some big boys. But Spence says, “Steel sharpens steel”, and gets down with them on the regular. That tells me who wears the pants in the welter division.

Another tell: Spence Jr. straight punked Mikey Garcia. I see Mikey landing on Bud and at least making it competitive, which also tells me something. Once Spence devastates Shawn Porter, we’ll never see Bud challenge “The Seahorse” until they are both at least 40. BTW: Doesn’t Spence kind of resemble a seahorse? Hey, it’s OK to have a chuckle.

Canelo v GGG lll

Why not? Because Canelo says so and he is the face of boxing, period. Canelo figures he’s given GGG two shots, and in the last fight Canelo pressed the issue and by sheer force of will made GGG fight on his back foot all night which looked nothing like the “Mexican-style” GGG was always spewing as his mantra. Canelo is getting paid regardless of who he fights. He dislikes GGG and knows that worst case scenario he can always feast on him when GGG hits age 40. Canelo is even rebelling against Golden Boy, who built his career in the first place.

When a fighter’s head swells to the degree Canelo’s has, no promoter or network can ever truly control him. Just look at Floyd. Now that Alvarez is The Boss of us, we just gotta accept it. As they say, “It is what it is”. When you call all the shots, you pick the fights you damn well want to pick. And with Canelo’s resume, nobody can say the man ducked anyone, especially since he’s talking big ballz business about taking on Kovalev.

Now that is a boss move.

Source: Blake Chavez