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Samuel Tefera

Out of this world

In the immediate aftermath of the world indoor 1500m record by Samuel Tefera in Birmingham, when making comment on social media, I was cautious not to directly criticise Tefera himself for his lack of celebratory reaction last Saturday. Rather,...
Emmanuel Adebayor

The key elements of a football medical

Football medicals are the last hurdle a new signing needs to clear before being unveiled to the media in the home kit. But it can be a nervous time for fans because a potential new superstars must pass the club's...
Determining the right number of sets and repetitions in a workout

Muscle Fibre Types

There are three types of fiber within the skeletal muscle - Type one (I), type two A (IIa) and type two B (IIb). Each fiber types has different qualities in the way they perform and how quickly they fatigue....
Energy systems

Energy systems of the body as related to football

Soccer involves performing multiple actions at varying intensities over the course of 90 minutes . Carrying out these movements requires energy in the form of a small molecule known as adenosine triphosphate or ATP. The body’s stores of ATP...
Leo Santa Cruz

For Leo Santa Cruz, Life begins at 30

Of all the things Leo Santa Cruz has learned during a highly successful boxing career, the art of self-preservation might top the list. Santa Cruz (35-1-1, 19 KOs), the WBA featherweight champion and one of the great volume punchers the...

Other Sports

Rafael Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon warm-up event

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from next week's Wimbledon warm-up event at Queen's Club as the world number one takes a break following his latest...