Liverpool pulled off an absolutely stunner of a comeback in the second leg of its Champions League semifinal with Barcelona on Tuesday, winning 4-0 at home to advance with a 4-3 aggregate score.

And Liverpool did it in stunning fashion, too, scoring the fourth goal on a tricky corner-kick play and also scoring twice in two minutes in the second half.

While Liverpool’s comeback was insane, many Barcelona fans, and soccer fans in general, weren’t happy with Lionel Messi’s play in the match. Because the great one was unable to do anything in the match to help his team advance.

Which is something fans are tired of seeing from him, on both the club and international level.

Below are some of the fans registered their displeasure via tweets:

@SpitsGame Cannot believe what I’m witnessing. It’s been years since Messi has showed up in a big international moment – club or country. He has 5 minutes to get the ball in back of the net.

@Pogbaology Lionel Messi needs to hold this L.

@MrKonam Liverpool Announcer: Messi, Lionel Messi….has anyone seen Lionel Messi tonight?


@amancio_9 Lionel Messi once again .. showing he has no class outside Camp Nou.

@jaymeall_b Lionel Messi will forever be a bottler in the biggest stages. Terrible performance 😂. Liverpool made me so happy today.

Source: Andy Nesbitt